Gabon has 13 listed national parks, all mainly created in 2002. To project and managed those parks, Gabon established Gabon's National Agency for National Parks.


Akanda National Park
Akanda National Park is located in the northeast of the country, near Libreville, with coastline along the Mondah and Corisco bays.

International Importance
Akanda is internationally important as a site for migratory birds and is home to the largest populations of such birds in Gabon.

Akada national park is composed chiefly of mangrove and tidal beach habitats. Gabon has only 2.5% of the total mangrove swamp in Africa, but Akanda together with the nearby Pongara National Park comprise 25% of the total protected mangrove in the continent. They play an important role in the ecosystem and help stabilise the coastline around Libreville. Human encroachment from both building and crop planting are a threat to both parks.
Both of the bays are rich in marine life, and Corisco bay provides an important feeding area for turtles. Akanda is acritical site for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
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Lekedi Park
A brilliantly successful conversion project that transformed an industrial site into a natural city in the forest.

Lekedi Park
is where a colony of wild mandrills’ lives. An island with gorillas and chimpanzees is also accessible by boat.

The Lekedi Park is one of the only places in Gabon where sighting of animals is 100% guaranteed and could be free depending on the season.
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Lope National Park
classified as a world heritage of humanity by UNESCO world heritage because of its unusual ecosystem which testifies to the processes of ecological and biological evolution.

Lope National Park
This national park contains a small research station, named as Mikongo and run by the Zoological Society London, based in the village known as Mikongo.
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Lope National Park with its numerous rock engravings tell the story of human evolution and its migrations through the ages.
The park also hosts CEDAMM Training Centre, a Wildlife Conservation Society-run international conservation education center.
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Loango National Park
Situated between the Nkomi and Ndogo Lagoons, Loango National Park is the true jewel of Africa's western coast. The naturalist Mike Fay called Loango 'Africa's Last Eden'

Loango National Park
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), classed Loango National Park as a faunal reserve and protected area for conservation.

Loango National Park is where Michael "Nick" Nichols from National Geographic took his well-known pictures of surfing hippos. Both men call Loango the 'Land of surfing hippos'.
Savanna, pristine beach, forest and mangroves are a must-see in Gabon. From Omboué in the lagoon of Fernand Vaz a full day excursion can be organized in Loango National Park to Akaka on the Ngowe River in an uninhabited forest and wetlands with its breathtaking panoramas it’s possible to observe Elephants, gorillas, bushpigs, antelopes, sitatungas, monkeys, birds, crocodiles, leopards and manatees venturing onto the white sand beaches ...
After South Africa, the world’s largest concentration and variety of whales and dolphins can be found right off the Loango coast.
Loango is renowned worldwide as a site for tarpon of record size, as well as many other large saltwater fish.

Excursion advised during the dry season. Available with the Omboué Loango package of 3 days.

Poubara & The Bridge Of Lianas
A small village not far from Franceville where is built and rebuilt each year an extraordinary bridge in lianas.

Poubara & The Bridge Of Lianas
The bridge was built in 1915 to avoid crossings in canoe in the tumultuous waters of the Ogooué at the right of the village.

The bridge of Poubara consists of two thousand four hundred lianas, woven entirely of natural materials.

The bridge is maintained by the descendant of the designer who ensures the financing of its maintenance by the rights of way perceived.

Ivindo National Park
The national park is in east-central Gabon in Central Africa, straddling the border of the Ogooué-Ivindo and Ogooué-Lolo provinces.

Ivindo National Park
Most famous for the spectacular Kongou and Mingouli waterfalls of the Ivindo River, known as the “wonders of Ivindo”.

The park also includes the Ipassa Makokou Biosphere Reserve and Langoué Baï.
Among the most imposing and impressive waterfalls in Central Africa, the Ivindo National Park falls also offers unforgettable jungle hikes recommended only to true adventurers.


Batéké Plateau National Park
is a national park in the Bateke Plateau, southeastern Gabon covering 2,034 km2. Due to its purported universal cultural and natural significance.

Mayumba National Park
Is a national park in southwestern of Gabon. It is a thin tongue of beach, dunes, savanna, and rain-forest in the extreme south of the country.

Birougou National Park
Also known as the Monts Birougou Wetlands, is a national park in central Gabon. It contains extremely dense rain forest in the Chaillu Mountains and is one of the two parks where the endemic sun-tailed guenon, a monkey first described in 1988, can be found.

Minkébé National Park
Is a national park in the extreme northeast of Gabon. It covers an area of 7,570 km2. The WWF recognized it as an area needing protection as early as 1989 and has been actively working towards protecting the forest since 1997.

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park
It covers an area of 4,500 km2 (1,700 sq mi). The national park includes various habitat types, including humid rain forest and savannah grasslands.

Crystal Mountains National Park
Situated in the Monts de Crystal on the western edge of the Woleu-Ntem Plateau, an excellent location for exceptionally high plant biodiversity.

Waka National Park
Waka National Park protects over 1,000 km² of rain forest in the Chaillu Massif.

Pongara National Park
Located neear the capital Libreville along the Komo estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

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