The Gabon country of Central Africa is located on the Equator between Congo, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and bordered to the West by the Atlantic Ocean is a land of astonishing wildlife, including lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, while endangered turtles and whales ply its unspoilt Atlantic coast. Gabon is a fantastic ecotourism and adventure travel experience.

To this end, we offer Adventure in the heart of Gabon which is a range of touristic products and services quite varied, including the organization of cultural weekend, the discovery of Gabonese and foreign cultural heritage which you and your loved ones will enjoy tremendously.

Our adventures around Gabon within its nine main provinces and its thirteen protected parks could be done in 7 days, 13 days or the full circuit in 20 days.

Teranga Voyages Gabon also offer a cultural weekend.

Loango National Park

Loango National Park to Akaka on the Ngowe River in an uninhabited forest and wetlands where it is possible to observe Elephants....
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Lambarene and Its River L'ogooue

A city known worldwide and owes its reputation to Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Visit his room in the state where he left it
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La Lope National Park

Classified as a world heritage of humanity by UNESCO because of its unusual ecosystem which testifies to the processes of ecological and biological evolution
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From Libreville To Pointe Denis

Libreville and Pointe Denis offer some of the most beautiful beaches of the Estuary.
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7 Day Adventure

Your 7 day touristic adventure will take you through the following locations

  • Arrival: Libreville upon your arrival on Sunday night, we will help you prepare for your next day flight (flights to Franceville are only Mondays and Fridays)
  • Day 1 to Day 5: Park Lekedi. the park Lekedi is located south of Francevillle
  • Day 5 to Day 7: Lambarene. Upon arrival at Libreville airport, you will be transferred directly to Lambarene. The journey to Lambarene takes about 4 hours by road. A stop can be made on the way so that you can eat and refresh yourself a bit.

Moukalaba National Park

Moukalaba National Park It covers an area of 4,500 km2 (1,700 sq mi) The national park includes various habitat types, including humid rain forest and savannah grasslands.
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Bateke Plateau National Park

is a national park in the Bateke Plateau, southeastern Gabon covering 2,034 km2. Due to its purported universal cultural and natural significance
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Pointe Denis

The opportunity to see turtles on the beach of Pointe Denis will depend on the season.
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Pongara National Park

The opportunity to see turtles on the beach of Pointe Denis will depend on the season.
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13 days Lakes and Forests

Our current 13 day adventure include all the stops from the 7 day adventure, we have added stops to Loango national park.

The safari adventure is organise as follow:

  • Day 1 Sunday

    Arrival in Libreville

    Airport pick-up and transfer to the hotel

    Overnight Sunset Beach

  • Day 2 to Day 6 Monday To Friday - Lekedi Park

  • Day 7 to Day 11 Saturday To Wednesday - OMBOUE LOANGO

  • Day 12 to Day 13 Thursday-Friday - Lambarene

  • When returning to Libreville and depending on the time of arrival, a possible few hours trip could be organised for Pointe Denis Island

    Pointe Denis

    Only a few minutes from Libreville, Pointe Denis offers the most beautiful beaches of the Estuary and a well preserved environment for a place located also near a capital. The possibilities of Pointe Denis are many and the one we propose for you will depend on the season.

Akada National Park

An ideal place to observe migratory birds.

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Pongara National Park

A small village not far from Franceville where is built and rebuilt each year an extraordinary bridge in lianas.

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Ivindo National Park

Among the most imposing and impressive waterfalls in Central Africa

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Mont De Cristal

excellent location for exceptionally high plant biodiversity.

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20 Day Adventure

Our 20 day adventure is what we call "Adventure in the heart of Gabon and it's the most compressive touristic adventure that will give you the most for your buck.

This beautiful adventure will be done largely by car, but also by train and canoe. A boat option is reserved on the NDjolé - Lambaréné section.

This rich touristic circuit is to make visitors discover, Gabon in depth, in this sense you will discover almost all the landscapes, fauna and cultural facets of Gabon crossing 5 provinces namely the Estuary, the middle Ogooué, The Ogooue Ivindo, the Ogooué Lolo and the Haut Ogooué.

This touristic packages will also take you in excursion to many of Gabon protected national parks where you will be stand on exceptional land and tropical forest which covers about 80% of the territory.

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Cultural Weekend

Bwiti is a spiritual tradition dance from the Bantu population of Gabon which began in the early 20th century.
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Cultural Weekend

Our guess enjoying the festivities

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Cultural Weekend

Bwiti is a distinct spiritual tradition with many sects of Gabon. The practice of Bwiti is central to Gabonese culture.

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Cultural Weekend

Bwiti is a ritual initiation that involve the consumption of a certain amounts of iboga root bark, as well as other intricate ritual elements

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Cultural Weekend

Our cultural weekend packages will take you to local tribes where you will be informed about how it all started. Discover Gabonese and foreign cultural heritage and make your friends and family enjoy it!  From fashion to dance, culinary art and art objects, all served in a hotel residence for a weekend. You will travel in time and space without moving.

  • These  curtural weekends include excursion to for example the island of Pointe Denis,
  • Visit of the classified forest of Raponda Walker, this will include locations where the 2016 filming of the last film of Tarzan took place
  • Teranga Voyages also offers "Libreville City Tour", which tells you about Gabon capital city history, its place from 1849 to today.

The cultural weekend is an excellent gift idea made in TERANGA VOYAGES and inspired by the festival of cultures to know more about its country and the different cultures of Gabon and the foreign communities living in Gabon after a long week of work.