Libreville being the capital of Gabon, it is undoubtedly the most populous region in the country, since it unites half of its total population. The number of inhabitants is estimated at over 700,000 inhabitants.
It was officially founded in 1849, is the capital of the Estuary, the first province in the country. The town is a port at the estuary of the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea, and a center of the timber trade. It is home to the first airport in Gabon: the International Airport Léon
This province owes its name to the fact that it shelters the estuary of Gabon or rather the estuary of the Komo which, starting from the river M'bé or Mbei in Kango, runs along the coasts of Libreville as far as Cap Estérias where it flows In the Atlantic Ocean.

With its rich history that need to be narrated and explained, We at Teranga Voyages Gabon have developed LIBREVILLE CITY TOUR

This City Tour tell the story of Libreville with the help of important locations which have made Libreville what it is today. and the Tour can be done from two to four hours depending on the your availability.

Currently this City Tour is ideal and often requested by residents and many of our customers who are in transit in Libreville Gabon heading to other destinations,

Once inhabited by the Akoya pygmies, the village Arongo Mbe Ndiwa was created following the Bantu migration including the Ndiwa and the Agekassa clan who will sign various treaties with France.
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This village will become Libreville, the Free City, continued at the reception in 1849 of slaves freed from the ship Elysia (which had been boarded three years earlier on the waters of the Komo) before their return from Gorée in Senegal.

Apart from the slave trade, Libreville has had a history rich and the Movement in particular with the arrival of missionaries, West African resistance in punitive punishment by the colonizer, but also in the two world wars without omitting the colonization, to achieve independence, followed by their crises.

Revisit this beautiful story and travel to the heart of Arongo Mbe Ndiwa with its great figures and as the great events that were marked this part of history.

During the city tour, you will hear the history behind some of Libreville suburbs, churches, streets, etc...

We have selected at the very least these 10 City Tour stops which are worth understanding the history.

Roundabout of democracy is where all started in the year 1840....and it's also where we will start our City Tour knowledge.

1- Roundabout of democracy (departure of the visit “City Tour”) (Induku)

2- Residence Ambassador of France (Mbangwe).

After these first two stops and some conversations about the importance of these sightseen, we will drive to our next locations.

3- Boulevard Maritime (Battery 4)

4 - Louis (Anongo Ambani Nkalayi Lowe).

How next stops takes us to two important churches, church Sainte-Marie & the first ever church in Libreville (Baraka).

5 - Sainte Marie (Okolo)

6 - Baraka via Glass (Olamba).

Our seventh and eighth City Tour stops will takes you to two other suburbs that have great significance in the history of Gabon.

7 - SNI (Mutins'/pauper's grave)

8 - Memorial Leon Mba (Village Agnour)

Depending on your availability, two other educational sites can be included. The additional  two other stops we have in our City Tour circuit are: Hassan Il Mosque (Plateau) and Square Ntchoréré (Mpira Bridge).

We currently are working on adding other historical sights to our well sought after City Tour.

Please contact our team to arrange your own City Tour.