Day 1 to Day 5 Lekedi Park (Only available From Monday Through Friday or From Wednesday through Saturday)


Flights from Libreville to Franceville take off on Mondays and Fridays around 10:30 am. You will land at the Franceville airport where the driver of the Lekedi park will pick you up to take you to Bakumba where the park is located.

Located south of Moanda and Franceville, Lekedi Park is the successful result of an amazing conversion project.
The Lekedi Park is one of the only places in Gabon where sighting of animals could be free depending on the season.

Bakumba, has become a "nature city" in few years. An area of ​​14,000 hectares have been established: areas of fish farming, wildlife breeding, eco-tourism infrastructure, mushroom production, tiles, pottery and raffia weaving.

Animal observation platforms have been installed (especially for mandrillers and chimpanzees), and even more spectacular, a bridge 30 meters high and 360 meters long overlooking the canopy where a colony of chimpanzees lives.

A radio tracking safari is organized to approach the group of wild mandrills that lives in the park. The excursions in the park allow you to approach the animals very closely but without disturbing them.

Since September 2010, an island with gorillas has been opened to the public. A group of a few orphaned gorillas have been gathered on one of the islands therefore they are accustomed to humans.

They arrived in the park at the age of a few months and were raised by humans. They are now between few years old.

Inside the Park Excursions available include:
Mandrills (radio tracking), chimpanzees, Gorillas, Boat ride on Lake Lekedi, Hiking to the Lekedi waterfalls, Safari in 4 × 4

Excursions outside the park will include:
The bridge of liana and the falls of Poubara, the Savorgnan de Brazza descent (this is optional).

Outside the Park

  • The Savorgnan De Brazza descent (optional). You will sail following the current of "La Passa" in the footsteps of Savorgnan de Brazza. The piroguier is a direct descendant of the native who met the first Savorgnan de Brazza. During this excursion you will approach the falls and rapids of the Djoumou very closely.
  • You will spend the night at the Relais des Chasseurs or the Hotel de la Leconi depending on availability.

•The Leconi Canyon (optional):
This excursion consists of two days spent on the Bateke plateau of the Leconi. At 100km and two hours by car from Franceville, you will reach the small village of Leconi.

Animal Park:
From here, you will visit the circus, the pink canyon and the animal park (antelopes, impalas buffalos..); It is also an ideal site for bird watching.


  • Accommodation available in the Lekedi Park ranges from the classic hotel room (Hotel Impala) to two or three bedroom villas.
  • The more adventurous can also spend the night at the top of the pylon. The pylon is a rather rustic platform located in the canopy (no toilet available at this place).
  • The park is equipped with a swimming pool and tennis courts.

End of 5th Day

  • After five days and four nights spent in the park, you will be escorted back to the airport for your return flight to Libreville which leaves around 10:30 am.


Day 5 To Day 7 - Lambarene

Trip to Lambarene

Upon arrival at Libreville airport, you will be transferred directly to Lambarene. The journey to Lambarene takes about 4 hours. A stop can be made on the way so that you can get some refreshments.

Hospital Albert Schweitzer:
You will arrive at the Schweitzer hospital where you will spend the night.The Doctor's house, as well as his study room, his operating theatre and all his personal belongings have been carefully preserved to form an interesting museum

River L'Ogooue:
Lambarene is also renowned for its many lakes which offer a wide variety of canoe excursions. These excursions are all driven by a professional and dynamic guide dubbed "the Italian". You will also visit the mission of NGOMO on the morning of day 6

Other Must See

  •  We will make a stop in early afternoon to check out "Island Schweitzer" before returning to Libreville the following day at the time that suits you best.


A note about Mission NGOMO:

  • The Protestant mission of NGOMO was founded in 1898 by the Alsatian pastor Ernest HAUGH. At that time, Alsace was part of Germany. Ernest HAUGH helped Dr. Albert Schweitzer navigate the Ogooué River which enable the doctor to settle in Lambarene.
  • Those with interested in Architecture will find this stop invaliable, the late Pastor is buried behind the church.
  • Today, the church, school and dispensary are still in use