This adventure will take you to Lekedi Park in the Franceville province then Loango National Park, to finish in Lambarene before returning to Libreville.

We will schedule your flight to arrive in Libreville on a Sunday, and will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

Day 1 - After settling at the hotel, we will organization a sunset beach cultural event to give you a taste of the good things to come.


All events covered as part of the 7 day adventure safari will be included during these five days safari.


Day 2 to Day 6 Monday To Friday Lekedi Park, with visit to the island animal forest.

Safari adventure include canyon hiking, bird watching, water falls crossing, ...


Day 7 to Day 11 From Saturday to Wednesday


On Saturday morning, you will fly to Port-Gentil.

A taxi will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the landing stage of the shuttle which connects to Omboué (departure 9:30 am).

Shuttle/Ferrie - The journey to Omboué takes approximately 3h30 during which you will cross forest, river and mangrove landscapes .

With spectacular scenery along the way, You will reach the lagoon of Fernand Vaz where Hotel Olako is located.


Each room of the hotel is decorated differently and bears the name of the African wood that served its decoration. You will spend all your nights at Hotel Olako.
During your stay in Omboué, you will make the following excursions:

The island of Evengue - This island is a small sanctuary that aims to reintroduce orphaned young gorillas from poaching in their natural environment as an adult. Therefore, this site does not aim to accustom the gorillas to the human presence

Most of the gorillas present on the island are not accessible to the public, in order to preserve their future freedom and survival in the forest. Indeed, gorillas accustomed to humans eventually seek human presence and thus become easy targets for poachers.

The island of Evengue

Thus, only a small group of male gorillas already too accustomed to humans is visible to visitors. You will be told about the Gorilla Preservation Program and you will be told the story of each of the living orphan gorillas on the island.


The Mission Sainte-Anne - Built in 1887, the mission owes its reputation to the architect Gustave Eiffel who designed the plans and organized the transport of all the necessary materials from Paris

Surrounding buildings - A mixture of colors and visual contrasts, the deep rust color and the simple structure of the church housed in a nest of greenery is worth a visit even if only for the photo.

The Mpivié River

  • The Mpivié River winding through the forest is extraordinarily green and lush. During this excursion, you will try to spot crocodiles, or more precisely the endangered false gavials species.

The Mpivié River winding through the forest is extraordinarily green and lush.

During this excursion, you will try to spot crocodiles, and endangered species.

Akaka in the Loango National Park

From 5 am until late in the afternoon you will leave for a full day excursion with a guide to observe animals in the very famous Loango National Park.

This park is often considered one of the most beautiful places on the West African coast.

Akaka is located in the heart of the rainforest on the banks of the Rembo Ngowe River.

  • During the rainy season, animals are more difficult to observe because the swamps are submerged with water, but during the dry season, concentrations of buffalo and elephants going towards the river are easier to observe. Nevertheless, it is possible to observe small mammals such as sitatungas, bushpigs, forest cephalopods, five monkey species and also the great primates that live in the forest.

The dense forest is inhabited by elephants, red mangabeys, buffalo.

Inhabited by small mammals such as sitatunga (antelopes living in swamps), ..

  • There are also crocodiles and manatees, although these animals tend to keep their distance.
  • Ornithological life is also prolific along the rivers.
  • During the dry season, hundreds of waterfowl - herons, storks, pelicans, ibis and jacanas, and more rarely the Hartlaub duck - like to pile up in puddles that dry up.
  • The forests of Akaka are also filled with a multitude of different butterflies, and shelter some species of very rare birds

The forests of Akaka are filled with a multitude of different of animals..

Beautiful accommodation in Loango National Park

  • On Wednesday afternoon, you will take the boat back to Port-Gentil (arrival time around 17h30) and your flight to Libreville in the evening around 20h00.
  • Overnight in Hotel Bilboquet.


Day 12 to Day 13 - From Thursday to Friday

The excursion scheduled as part of 7 day Adventure in Lambarene will cover  also as part of this 13 day adventure

During your adventure you will encounter hippos in the Ogooue river..

These colourful small lezards are found around Lambarene